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The mission of the Morris Lawyer is to foster the objectives of the Morris County Bar Association and Foundation and to serve as a unifying influence among members of the bar through the publication of news and announcements, substantive law articles and opinions on matters of interest to the Bar and community.

News of noteworthy events are invited. The Morris Lawyer welcomes commentary articles and letters to the editor responding to recent events or issues of concern to the Bar.

The Morris Lawyer will acknowledge receipt of all submissions, but retains sole authority to make all decisions concerning whether and in what manner to publish.

The Morris Lawyer will refrain from publishing defamatory submissions and submissions lacking artistic or literary merit. Submissions may be edited for style or abridged due to length limitations.

The views expressed in commentary articles and letters to the editor contain the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Morris Lawyer. Subject to the principles expressed in this Mission Statement, the Morris Lawyer shall endeavor to publish submissions responding to commentary articles, letters to the editor and editorials of the Morris Lawyer.

Editorials of the Morris Lawyer shall be clearly identified and will be published only upon majority vote of the Board of Trustees of the Morris County Bar Association.

The Morris Lawyer will publish corrections on its own and in its own voice as soon as it discovers and confirms material inaccuracies. The Morris Lawyer shall publish corrections at least as prominently as the original mistake was published. The corrections policy should not be mistaken for a policy of accommodating readers who are simply unhappy about a published article.

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